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What is Trademark ?

Trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design or a combination of those that identifies and distinguish the source of goods of one party from those of others. Extensive use of trademark makes the users/clients to remember your product through the mark. We can say your trademark result in building the images of the company which finally build the goodwill of your corporate. Trademark Registry gives the protection on the each brand name with the logo in their respective trademark class. There are 45 Trademark classes where you can register your brand name in the type of the field which is related to your business or where you want to protect the brand or trade name.

Trademark Registrations or TM Registrations can be done through Herambindia in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai & all other Indian cities. You simply follow our step by step instruction given in our web site and provide required information to our team. Herambindia will submit your application to the registry on your behalf, monitor the registration process and update you timely. You need not go to the registry to know the status of your application; you just visit our site and get the updated information on registration your trademark. Our team will update the status online very regularly.

In case of any objection or litigation, Herambindia expert team will represent your case and handhold you till the completion of registration of trademark.

We discuss our fee transparently and charge you nominally for the professional services we render to you. You are rest assured that there will be no more hidden charges for the registration of your trademark.

Normally the applicant shall use the letters "TM" along with their mark once your application is accepted by the registry. Similarly, once the registration of your trademark is completed, you shall use the letter "R" along with your trademark or name.

Why loose this opportunity when your trusted friend Herambindia supports you all through the registration process. Engage us and enjoy our services.

Procedure for Trademark Registration


You need to fill our simple online trademark application form & submit documents.


To make sure that unique logo name filed is available or not, Trademark Search is executed by experts.



Depending on nature of your products, we shall suggest the appropriate class of the 45 classes.


We create your Trademark application in 3 days and get your TM number



Your trademark is registered in 1.5 2 years if no competitor objects to your trademark application

Required Documents for Trademark Registration

Advantages of Trademark Registration

Legal Protection

You become the legal owner of the registered trademark and no another person has the right to use your registered trademark without your prior permission. No action can be taken against a 2nd party if the trademark is not registered with the government. The registered trademark holder can take some legal action against anyone who tries to copy the trademark with any prior permission.

Unique Identity

One of the best qualities of trademark registration is that it helps you to establish a unique identity of your company. And no other competitor can apply or use your trademark for similar goods or services.

Creation of Asset

Registered trademark can act as an asset as the owner of the trademark can easily sell, franchise or allow it on the contract basis to another party. It creates a kind of intellectual property for the same.

Trust or Goodwill

As registered trademark brings the uniqueness to your product, it can easily create a sense of trust, goodwill and quality in the minds of your customer.

Popularise your brand

Registered trademark is easily searchable as it is available in government trademark database. It also helps you to get popular among people which are a great sign for your company.

FAQs on Trademark Registration

What is Trademark?
A trademark is your brand name or logo which identifies your product or services. It can be a word, letter, number, phrase, symbol, shape or combination thereof. A unique brand name or logo is used to differentiate your product/service as distinct from others in the industry. To secure legal protection for your brand name or logo you need to get it registered. On receivingTM Application number you can start usingTM.
Any trademark, which is identical or deceptively like an existing registered trademark or trademark for which application for registration has been made, cannot be registered. Also, a trademark that would likely cause deception or confusion or is offensive may not be registered. Geographical names, common names, common trade words and common abbreviation are also not registered as a trademark.
Getting trademark registered has a number of business benefits such as:
a. Register your brand to get an exclusive right to it.
b. Protect your brand like other assets and belongings of your company.
c. It will help you to protect your hard earn goodwill in business.
d. You can stop others from promoting the same brand in the same industry of business.
e. It will give you nation-wide protection for your trade.
The Nice Classification (NCL) is an international system used to classify goods and services for the purposes of the registration of marks. It has total 45 classes (1-34 for products and 35-45 for services).
Yes, one can register a trademark even before starting a business.
No. Trademark is territorial in nature which means, if you get a trademark in India then it will be valid for India only.
The registered trademark is valid for 10 years from the date of filing of an application. The trademark can be renewed further.
Symbol “TM” can be used after filing of a trademark application. “R” should be used only after registration of a trademark. The ® symbol may only be used in connection with the goods and services listed on the registration certificate.
Trademark infringement is the unauthorized use of a trademark or service mark on or in connection with goods and/or services in a manner that is likely to cause confusion, deception, or mistake about the source of the goods and/or services.
Trademark registrations are distinctive to the goods or services they represent. The registrations are product/service specific and are made of a “Class” of goods or service it represents. The trademark registration will, therefore, be valid for the entire class of goods or service it represents
Yes, the authorities mandate it for applicants to verify all the documents they submit including the application for trademark registration using a Class III Digital signature. Our experts will help you e-verify the documents.